Biden Host Honorees

On December 3, 2023, Biden hosted Kennedy Center honorees at the White House, which shouldn’t really be a problem for the President, but it was.

It was a gaffe fest.

Biden got himself into trouble talking about Queen Latifah and well…just watch.

She’s [Latifah] also a skillful storyteller onscreen. The first woman in hip-hop to earn an Oscar nomination, which she did for her role in “Chicago. And, by the way, with other movies and — movies, she’s earned a Golden Globe and a Primetime enemy — enemy. That’s me. A Primetime Emmy,” Biden said.

Then Biden made a weird claim about Billy Crystal.

AT the end of the event was when things got really crazy.

After Biden completed his remarks, the President shakes the hands of the honorees, but his body language hints at confusion. In typical Joe fashion, he looks completely lost, and First Lady Jill Biden comes to the rescue.

Why does the White House continue to let this happen?

This was just an event with celebrities, they couldn’t have Jill or someone up there with him so the leader of the free world doesn’t look like a complete buffoon.

The administration is so ridiculous that they can’t even arrange things to make Joe look competent. It’s no secret at this point that Joe gets lost when his remarks are done.

At one point Biden getting lost almost created an international incident after he snubbed the president of Brazil.

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