Portion Of Fani Willis Testimony Comes Under Scrutiny

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for reasons unknown (but we should thank her) agreed to testify during the effort to disqualify her from the RICO case against Trump and several co-defendants.

Willis’ testimony was entertaining to say the least.

However, there was one moment that was passing but really stuck out.

While discussing where the cash payments came that were given to her alleged lover Fani said it came from her first campaign.

That caught everybody’s ear because she also testified that she lost $50,000 in that same election which left her “broke” by the end of 2018.

The campaign involved Willis attempting to become a Superior Court Judge in Atlanta and she lost the runoff on July 24, 2018.

After her testimony a the Georgia Star News did some digging and made some significant finds.

According to their report Fani took over $8,500 from her first campaign as a “repayment.”

The paper alleges that there was no paperwork for one of these loans.

From the Georgia Star:

Though Willis went on to lose the runoff election on July 24, 2018, a campaign filing made just six days prior to Election Day revealed her campaign received another $30,000 loan.

For this loan, however, there is no Two Business Day Report available online. Willis, additionally, never provided the details of either loan in her subsequent Campaign Contribution Disclosure Statements for 2018.

It is not clear whether she loaned the campaign the $30,000 or whether it came through another source.

Additionally, it is unclear where Willis sourced the $19,000 for the documented loan, including whether she retrieved the money from the cash reserves which she testified were used to repay Wade for the luxurious vacations they shared during the span of their relationship.

Just over a month after her defeat, the Willis campaign report filed for December indicates it repaid $8,545.69 to the candidate and deferred a second loan repayment.

It is not clear from Willis’ campaign filing whether the campaign paid her in cash or check. If Willis was repaid via check, it also remains unclear whether she deposited the check into her bank account, or went to the issuing bank to convert the funds directly into cash, thus allowing her to add the funds to her cash reserve

Things are just piling up on Fani.

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