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Trump Gives Statement Following Conviction

Ladies and gentlemen, the political landscape just got a whole lot more interesting!

The lawfare against Trump has unleashed a lion.

Former President Donald Trump, now fresh from his high-profile trial in New York City, is back on the campaign trail with a vengeance. After being found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records, Trump wasted no time in rallying his supporters and taking aim at President Biden’s team.

During the six-week trial, Trump was required to attend court daily, except on Wednesdays. Judge Juan Merchan’s courtroom, which Trump likened to a “freezing cold icebox,” became the stage for Trump’s frequent rants against the judge and the Democrats. Despite the trial’s grueling schedule, Trump’s campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt told Fox News Digital that the former president remained undeterred.

“Crooked Joe Biden and the Democrats confined President Trump to a courtroom for more than eight hours a day for more than six weeks, and he’s still winning,” Leavitt declared. “Now that he is fully back on the campaign trail, Biden and the Democrats better buckle up.”

Leavitt highlighted how Trump managed to generate billions of dollars in media coverage during the trial, hosted massive rallies, and impromptu campaign stops, and even increased his lead over Biden in the polls. According to Leavitt, the trial only made Trump stronger, helping him raise more funds than Biden and the Democrats in April.

Taking advantage of his New York City trial location, Trump made several high-profile appearances. He visited a Harlem bodega where he received a warm welcome, with chants of “Trump, Trump, Trump,” “Four more years,” and “We love Trump.” This support bolstered Trump’s claim that New York has declined under Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s tenure.

Blasting the trial as “rigged” and “all politics,” Trump suggested that it stemmed from the Biden White House. He remarked that the trial might actually be benefiting his campaign by allowing him to connect with local voters.

“It makes me campaign locally, and that’s OK,” Trump said. “We’re doing better now than we’ve ever done, so I think it’s having a reverse effect.” He vowed to tackle crime in New York, empowering police to do their jobs and improving the city’s conditions, which he claimed have deteriorated in recent years.

In another show of support for New Yorkers, Trump delivered pizzas to first responders at a midtown Manhattan fire department. This gesture was reminiscent of his 2021 visit to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Throughout the trial, Trump managed to maintain a rigorous campaign schedule. On Wednesdays, he traveled across the country for rallies and campaign stops, returning to New York City for court the following day. The only exception was May 17, when he attended his son Barron’s high school graduation in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump’s rallies have drawn historic crowds, even in traditionally blue districts, signaling his continued influence and support base. As he continues his campaign, the political stakes are higher than ever. Whether the trial’s outcome will significantly impact the 2024 election remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: Trump is back, and he’s ready for a fight. Buckle up, folks, because this ride is just getting started!

I cannot wait for the approval polls and Biden’s numbers to come out after the conviction.

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