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Bragg Team Challenges Recent Trump Lawyer Motion

There’s a new legal saga surrounding former President Donald Trump since he’s been convicted.

Now, keep in mind the cases against Trump are totally not political (heavy sarcasm).

On Wednesday, Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office defended keeping Trump under a gag order, requesting it remain in place at least through his sentencing hearing in late July and any post-trial motions.

They don’t want him talking while he’s campaigning and they are using the case to do it.

Trump’s attorneys had asked Judge Juan Merchan to lift the order, arguing that it unjustly restricts Trump’s First Amendment rights now that the trial has concluded. However, prosecutors quickly countered, stating that the gag order protects more than just the trial proceedings.

Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo, a former top official in Biden’s Department of Justice – who we’ve learned decided to take a huge demotion and join Bragg and total has nothing to do with the Biden admin (sarcasm) – emphasized the ongoing need for the order in a letter to Judge Merchan. “These interests have not abated, and the Court has an obligation to protect the integrity of these proceedings and the fair administration of justice at least through the sentencing hearing and the resolution of any post-trial motion,” Colangelo wrote.

Trump is slated to be sentenced on July 19, just days before the Republican National Convention. His attorneys argue that he needs “unrestrained campaign advocacy,” especially in light of Biden’s comments about the trial verdict and his decision to hold a campaign event outside the courthouse. They also pointed out continued attacks on Trump from witnesses like Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen, and the upcoming presidential debate scheduled for June 27.

Prosecutors proposed a briefing schedule to consider lifting the order that would likely keep it in place during the debate if adopted. They asked for a June 13 deadline for the defense’s motion and a June 27 deadline for the prosecution’s final response.

In a related matter, former Trump economic aide Peter Navarro, currently serving a sentence in federal prison, has spoken out in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News. Navarro, who served as the director of Trump’s White House National Trade Council, is in federal prison in Miami and is set to be released in mid-July, around his 75th birthday.

Navarro, the first senior White House official ever convicted of contempt of Congress, shared his thoughts from behind bars. “For me, it was déjà vu all over again, and there is much for Americans — and journalists — to learn by studying the parallels between my case and President Trump’s,” Navarro said. He asserted his innocence, stating, “I’m guilty of nothing more than defending the Constitutional separation of powers and George Washington’s doctrine of executive privilege against a Democrat lawfare attack.”

Navarro also defended Trump, claiming the former president is not guilty of the misdemeanors he was charged with, which were elevated to felonies through what Navarro described as “prosecutorial misconduct and judicial chicanery.”


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