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Biden Gives Remarks At Congressional Picnic

Before President Biden headed off to France, he gave remarks at the Congressional picnic at the White House.

Normally, the event invites members of Congress with their families, and it’s more of a fun function than a work environment.

However, that’s never stopped Biden from messing up.

First off, Biden tried to use big words, and then, according to the pics published online, it was all downhill from there.

The guy who predicted the “winter of death” said he’s a “congenital optimist.”

That appeared to be too many syllables, and things got silly.

“To know, and you know, I think with the thing about, I just…Let me put it this way. I remember when I was vice president,” he said.

The look on Jill’s face said it all.

Then we had total confusion and Jill needed to help out.

But that wasn’t the only event that day where there were issues.

Here’s what took place after President Biden announced his border executive order.

In his address, President Biden blamed Republicans for not doing their job. He left out the part about his administration’s first actions were to rescind Trump’s border policies.

Here’s a fun video from September of 2021.

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