Police Respond To Protest In LA

Today, we delve into an alarming incident that took play in Los Angeles.


Pro-Palestine “protestors” targeted the Adas Torah synagogue that resides in a large Jewish neighborhood.

On Sunday, worshippers were attending their service, and they are suddenly met with a heated protest at the entrance of their place of worship.

Disturbing scenes were seen in videos that surfaced on social media. Instances of an egg being thrown at a woman’s face, several physical skirmishes, and people being shoved around were recorded.

Rabbi Michael Barclay wrote, “that Los Angeles experienced its first pogrom, a bona fide physical attack on synagogues and individuals, for one reason: they are Jews. What makes [Mayor]Bass’ actions even more despicable is that the synagogue had heard about the planned riot and, for almost a week, had been petitioning the mayor’s office to have a police presence and stop the violent demonstrators before it started.”

Further videos showed visibly Jewish men, donning kippas, attempting to calm the situation. Some were seen trying to get the ultra-Orthodox man who was encircled by protestors. Another clip showed a man with a Palestinian flag in a physical altercation with a visibly Jewish man, while a woman could be heard pleading for an end to the violence in the background.

However, a Jewish volunteer organization called Magen Am (Shield of the People) has been training to protect Jews and arrived at the area to protect the synagogue.

Eventually, the LAPD had to declare the gathering unlawful and took action to restore peace. However, this led to a clash with the pro-Palestinian protestors.


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