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Sportscaster Responds To WSJ Piece

Former President Trump picked up a new unlikely ally.

Iconic sports commentator Stephen A. Smith attacked the left for the lawfare being used against former President Donald Trump during a segment.

The sports announcer used a piece written by Daniel Henninger published in the Wall Street Journal titled “The High Price of Democrats’ Anti-Trump Lawfare.”

“Heninger questions how many lawsuits, court motions, and judgments against Donald Trump the Democratic Party can actually chow down on. He also ponders about the high price the American system may pay for all of this in excess,” Smith said. ” Let me tell you something, it was a great opinion piece. I completely agree with Daniel Heninger of the Wall Street Journal, the opinion piece that he wrote in there, because we’ve got to get to a point where we’re saying when is enough, enough?”

Smith is no ally of Trump but admitted that Trump has made a “salient point” about how the Democrats are going after him.

“I know you don’t hear me say that often, but it’s true. He made a very salient point a couple of weeks ago, or I think it was in the immediate aftermath of Super Tuesday when he was talking about President Biden and he was saying, you know, ‘come beat me,’” the ESPN host continued. “Stop trying to use the legal system in order to pull it off.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, there’s so much to get into. I’m not going to do it. I’m going to simply say this. Trump is kicking the Democrats you know what,” he added. “91 charges. Four indictments, 91 counts against him. He’s been impeached twice. And he still ran away with the GOP nomination. It was a cakewalk.”

What the segment shows is that even some Democrats are starting to see through the charade.


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