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WH Announces Plans To Protect Federal Employees

So this is interesting, the White House has released a plan to protect bureaucrats from being fired.

The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has finalized a rule preventing civil service employees from being removed. The rule will also create a new category of federal employees, adding red tape to fire them.

From the Dailycaller:

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) finalized a rule that protects employees in the civil service by preventing the removal of their status and protections involuntarily, according to a press release. Under the new rule, an administration wishing to shift federal employees to a new category making them easier to fire would have to go through an elongated process, a move meant to be more time-consuming for a future president, Politico reported.

In a press release, OPM Director Kiran Ahuja annouced, ““Career federal employees deliver critical services for Americans in every community. This final rule honors our 2.2 million career civil servants, helping ensure that people are hired and fired based on merit and that they can carry out their duties based on their expertise and not political loyalty. The Biden-Harris Administration is deeply committed to the federal workforce, as these professionals are vital to our national security, our health, our economic prosperity, and much more.”

The new rule is an attempt to stop Trump’s fall 2020 executive order that would terminate tens of thousands of federal workers that eat up US taxpayer’s money.

Biden immediately ended the overhaul when he took office at the behest of labor unions.

“President Biden has made strengthening and empowering the federal workforce a top priority from his very first day in office,” OMB Deputy Director Jason Miller told reporters. “He knows that career civil servants are the backbone of our federal government, providing the expertise and experience necessary for our democracy to function.”


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