Lewinsky Comments On Trump Case

We’ve got an interesting report involving Monica Lewinsky who has taken it upon herself to jump into the Trump courtroom drama.

The left is complaining over how Judge Aileen Cannon is handling the Trump document case. Several of her rulings, have put a wrench into the Biden administration plans to curtail the former president.

Now, of all people, Lewinsky, a former White House intern known for her scandalous affair with President Bill Clinton in the mid-90s, is jumping into the chat. In a recent social media outburst, she voiced her frustration about the stagnation of the case in Florida and called for Cannon’s impeachment. She expressed her disbelief that, despite the serious nature of the case, forward progress is lacking.

“I awakened angry about the documents case in florida. it is INSANE that it hasn’t moved forward to trial, and i hope judge cannon is impeached. IF the documents had been declassified (which they weren’t) then all trump had to do was xerox them and return originals that were being asked for and explain they were declassified (again, for those in back, which they weren’t). IF it had been an honest (ahem) mistake to take them… just return them — LIKE EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT WHO WAS FOUND TO HAVE CLASSIFIED MATERIALS IN THEIR PRIVATE POSSESSION. (which still would have warranted an investigation but maybe not resulted in a trial.) the danger and damage done by this judge is mind-numbing,” she wrote on X (formerly twitter).

First of all, who the heck wakes up and the first thing they think about is Trump’s legal cases? If that’s what you are waking up to you got issues.


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