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Congressman Ogles Intros New Bill

House Republican Rep. Andy Ogles (R-Tenn.) has introduced legislation dubbed the “No Juicing Joe” bill, aimed at requiring President Joe Biden to disclose any usage of drugs that might enhance his mental state. This announcement came during an interview on Newsmax, where Ogles discussed the details and motivations behind his proposed bill.

Ogles emphasized that the legislation would mandate Biden to report to the public every time he takes a mind-altering stimulant, particularly before significant events like debates. “They’re gonna have him juiced up and jacked up on some sort of cocktail so that he can be lucid and take on — or at least try to debate Donald Trump,” Ogles asserted.

This announcement coincides with the anticipation of the upcoming debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump on CNN, marking their first face-off in nearly four years. The debate has rekindled ongoing discussions about Biden’s mental fitness and energy levels, a topic that has been a point of contention for years.

Interestingly, The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman noted last week on CNN that Trump’s campaign had initially set the bar too low for Biden’s performance in the 2020 debates. This realization has now shifted the Trump team’s strategy, suggesting that Biden might be “jacked up” on some kind of drug to boost his alertness and energy during the debate.

Despite these claims, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) reminded that he’s a RINO stating, “No one expects that Joe Biden will be on cocaine. But they do ask questions… will he be on some sort of energy drinks or something, OK?”

Energy drinks? Seriously Johnson?

The “No Juicing Joe” bill would clear up suspicions regarding Biden’s cognitive abilities and overall fitness for office. The debate around Biden’s mental state has been a persistent theme and has only gotten worse with each appearance.


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