New Question May Pop Up During Exam

There’s an intriguing development in healthcare – integrating gun safety into medical appointments. Soon, when you head to the doctor to talk about stomach indigestion, the doctor is going to ask you about your guns. When the doctor runs through the standard list of questions: any allergies, how often do you drink alcohol, and then, do you have access to firearms in your home? If your answer is yes, the next part of your visit might include a lecture on firearm safety, complete with a gun lock and pamphlet offering information on secure storage and safety classes. This is already happening right now at Northwell Health’s hospital on Staten Island.

Northwell Health is spearheading what could be considered a new approach in the medical field, treating firearm injury as a public health issue (you see where this is going). This move aligns with growing calls from medical societies and recent initiatives by the White House, the CDC, and the National Institutes of Health to address gun violence with the same urgency as diseases.

To be clear, it’s politically incorrect to assist people in losing weight, but if you have a gun, you are going to get a lecture.

The goal is to integrate gun safety into medical dialogue, much like discussions on diet, exercise, or safe sex practices. The rationale is compelling – an unsecured firearm in the home increases the risk of accidental shootings and suicides and can be accessed by children, those with dementia, or individuals with harmful intentions.

Or a doctor could help decide whether a person is not allowed to own a firearm.

Despite the NRA’s fundamental rules on gun safety, reports indicate that as of 2016, only about half of gun owners securely store all their firearms. According to the 2016 study, the definition of  secure a firearm was “locking guns in a secure place such as a gun safe or cabinet or using safety devices such as trigger or cable locks.”

Not for a lack of trying the left has tried to restrict the 2nd Amendment. Now, it appears they are going to attempt to use public health officials and doctors to regulate firearms.

For example, some people who smoke pay higher health insurance premiums they could do the same to gun owners.

From USA Carry:


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