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Biden Phones In For Morning Joe Interview

This was a site to behold (deep sarcasm).

President Biden suggested that “Dark Brandon” was back as he continued his comeback tour on Monday morning with a brief stint on MSNBC. During his call into “Morning Joe,” hosted by two of his biggest supporters, the president attempted to reassure Democrats concerned about his ability to win in November.

Interestingly, Biden did not appear on video, and his speech sounded scripted. Even then, he struggled throughout the “interview.”


At one point, Biden stumbled through an incoherent explanation: “Joe, let me say it this way. The reason I’ve been out on the road so much all over the country, and while Trump is riding around in his golf cart, filling out his golf card, golf cart before he even hits the ball, but anyway.”

Right, there is the frustration. Biden knows he’s the number one story in America, and not in a good way. Meanwhile, Trump is sitting back and letting the fire burn, and it’s driving them crazy. 


May I add something? Can we get a live-stream video of Biden trying to drive a golf cart? That would be a sight. 

By the way, Biden is referring to a “leaked” video of Trump that was supposed to make him look bad but ended up making him look like a rockstar. The former President jokes about Biden and Harris then start handing out bills.

The president’s frustration quickly surfaced when he was questioned about his fitness for office. Biden lashed out, distorting the phone line and calling Scarborough “pal” while shouting, “watch!”


Biden asserted, “The American public is not going to move away from me, as the average voter. And again, I’m here for two reasons, pal! One, to rebuild the economy for hard-working middle-class people, give everyone a shot, just a straight shot, everybody gets a fair chance! Number one. Number two, remember all this talk about how I don’t have the black support? Come on, give me a break. Come with me, watch! Watch!”

“I’m getting so frustrated by the elite… No, I’m not talking about you guys, but the elites in the party, who, they know so much more,” he yelled. “But if any of these guys don’t think I should run, run against me. Go ah…announce for president. Challenge me at the convention.”

Biden also tried to repeat the debunked “suckers and losers” claim, this time adding that he was with Trump when it was said. His fixation on this narrative might indicate that it’s one of the few things he can recall clearly.

It didn’t take much to agitate Biden. Just a few questions in, he was off script and shouting, distorting the phone line because he seemed unaware of what he was doing.

When asked about his debate performance and cognitive tests, Biden claimed he’s “been testing himself.”

“Look, um, I had, before, I was feeling so badly before the debate, when I came back, I had, they tested me for, I thought maybe I had COVID, maybe there was something wrong, I had an infection or something. They tested me, they gave me those tests, I was clear, but look, I had a bad night. But the fact of the matter is, look at what I’m doing, I mean, let me put it this way, if there was something that was wrong that night, it’s not like it’s [inaudible] that’s one night and goes away,” he said.

Folks, it seems Biden isn’t stepping down anytime soon.

Cue the Hur tape leaks?

One thing is for sure. I would love to be a fly on the wall Near Obama when he watched this interview.

Get your popcorn, folks. This is going to be a wild ride.

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