Cannon Rules On Gag Order

Hey folks, let’s dive into the latest courtroom drama surrounding former President Donald Trump. If you thought things were already intense, hold onto your hats because this story takes it to another level.

Recently, Special Counsel Jack Smith requested a gag order on Trump during his classified documents trial, aiming to restrict the former president’s comments about the law enforcement officers who searched his Mar-a-Lago resort. Specifically, Smith doesn’t want the former President to be able to discuss the use of force that was authorized for the search.

Well, Federal Judge Aileen Cannon wasn’t having any of it. According to CNN, she described Smith’s request as “wholly lacking in substance and professional courtesy.”

Smith’s request wasn’t just a minor ask—it was a bold move that Trump’s defense team quickly labeled as “extraordinary, unprecedented, and unconstitutional censorship.” On Monday, defense attorney Chris Kise went even further, asking Judge Cannon to hold all government attorneys involved in the decision to file the motion in civil contempt and impose sanctions after an evidentiary hearing. Talk about turning the tables!

In a recent hearing, before the ruling things got heated—like, really heated. Each side clashed over claims of an alleged threat against a defense attorney. Trump is facing 40 felony counts for mishandling and withholding classified documents from his time in the White House. His longtime aide, Nauta, is also accused of moving boxes of sensitive materials to thwart federal agents’ retrieval efforts.

During this hearing, Nauta’s attorney, Stanley Woodward, alleged that he was pressured by a member of Jack Smith’s team to get Nauta to cooperate with the DOJ investigation. According to Woodward, prosecutor Jay Bratt insinuated that Woodward’s appointment to the D.C. Superior Court could be jeopardized if Nauta didn’t play ball. This claim was met with fierce denial from prosecutor David Harbach, who reportedly shouted, “Mr. Woodward’s story of what happened at that meeting is a fantasy,” while banging his hand on the table. Judge Cannon had to intervene, telling Harbach to “just calm down” as he responded.

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