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Report Give Interesting Analysis On Gen Z

As I was flipping through the interwebs a article from Evie magazine caught me by surprise.

Don’t ask me how an Evie article popped into my account, but it did.

The articles was from the first person and about what Gen Z thinks about “Wokeism.”

The article began with the example of a social media post from a more conservative account that seemed to be more of a cultural joke based in realism.

An account wrote that her 16-year-old son affirmed to her mother that going to college wouldn’t radicalize him because, “Honestly mom, kids my age all think that woke is only for ugly people.”

Now, there have been reports that Gen Z men are moving to the right but it was all reminiscent of the Millenial craze during the Obama administration.

So I kept reading the article which talking about how there are many people with alternative lifestyles and it’s more out in the open lately. Which was really frosting for the truth bombs that were about to get dropped.


From Evie:

As a whole, people dress more casually even in “business” and “formal” settings, purchase more self-care and makeup products yet somehow look less hygienic and put-together than ever before, and are liberal with their body image standards.

No, people shouldn’t feel shame for wearing athleisure in public – I mean, I love comfy clothes like leggings, sweatshirts, and tennis shoes just as much as the next person – but from observation alone, it seems like people don’t bother to dress in an even remotely “presentable” manner. There’s an overwhelming disregard for color theory, proper fit, flattering cuts – you name it. It’s not impossible to look polished while dressing comfortably.

But while there are many people who aren’t bothering to tidy their physical appearance, there’s also a segment of our population that is keen on maintaining good looks – and those people do tend to lean conservative or vote Republican.

There’s science behind that too.

The report went on to mention studies about how conservative leaning women tend to have more facial features than liberal women and that liberal women tend to “less satisfied with their mental health and significantly less happy with their lives.”

At the bottom was the kicker it appears that Gen Z may be swinging the pendulum back to sanity.

More from the Evie report:

Another recent survey gave further insights into the notion that younger “zoomers” will begin to lean more conservative. Over half of Gen Z won’t affiliate with either major political party, but they’re still the least likely group to identify as Republican. Gen Z teens are more moderate than their liberal Gen Z counterparts.

What Gen Z is discovering is something that Rush Limbaugh called the “undeniable truth of life 24″:

“’Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.’ And wherever you look in the world of feminism you will find that truth screaming at you.”

A further example of this is what a college professor and Hollywood professor had to say about one of Gen Z most popular stars.

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