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Rep. Crockett Explains Events At Hearing During CNN Interview

Recently, a House Committee hearing got completely out of hand when three congresswomen got into an argument.

Rep. Marjorie Tayor-Greene, Crockett, and AOC  went at it.

The clip is below and it’s wild if you haven’t watched it.

After the dust up Crockett thought it would be a great idea to sell merchandise to fundraise off the dust up.

Crockett created a T-shirt that was supposed to read, “Bleach blond bad built butch body – Crockett Clapback.”

There was just one problem: She spelled her name wrong. Instead of “Crokett,” it read “Crockrtt.”

If you can’t see the post below, she deleted it.

And boy, did she get roasted online.

Rep. “Crockrtt” was so anxious for attention no one took the time to proof read.

Later Crockett went did an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper who will host a presidential debate.

“You’ve really embraced what you said. You’re printing it on SWAG,” Tapper told Crockett on Sunday. “How would you respond to say it’s inappropriate to respond to an attack on somebody’s physical appearance — and you hear Congresswoman AOC say, you know, ‘you shouldn’t be attacking somebody’s physical appearance,’ but then you did the same thing. You attacked her physical appearance.”

Crockett tried to claim that her outburst was because she wanted clarification and never used Greene’s name however, Tapper didn’t buy it.

“So, to be clear, what I asked for was clarification on the ruling,” Crockett told Tapper. “So, what are the parameters? And I generally did want to know. So, I did not state anything to her. I specifically asked a question and I didn’t even mention her name. And, so, it was for clarification, and that’s what I asked for, and [Comer] obviously didn’t hear me.”

“And I hear that. But she went after your appearance and then, like, you went out, you went back at her a thousand-fold,” Tapper replied.

Crockett said her response was “lawyerly” and she doesn’t’ regret anything.

She was about as “lawyerly” as Fani was.

“I don‘t, because here‘s the thing. I signed up to be a member of Congress. That didn‘t mean that I was supposed to walk into a position where I‘m going to walk in and be disrespected. It’s already a hostile work environment being there and we do have rules. The problem with MAGA is that MAGA does not respect rules nor do they respect the law,” she said.

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