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Michael Tyler Appears On Fox News For Interview, Answers Tough Questions

Michael Tyler, who is President Biden’s campaign communications director, has been out and about a lot.


Recently, he held the now infamous press conference outside the courthouse where the Trump trial was taking place. It went so poorly that it cost De Niro an award.

Recently, Tyler appeared on Fox News and claimed that Biden is the candidate defending “the rule of law” and our democratic institutions.”

Keep in mind that he said this as President Biden brags about openly defying the Supreme Court over student loans and leading a political lawfare attack against his rival.

However, it was what he said next that was concerning and sure sounded like a threat.

“This is not a normal election. Donald Trump has already demonstrated that he is not a normal candidate. He is a fundamental, persistent, and growing threat to our democracy. And Joe Biden is running to make sure we end that threat, once and for all,” Tyler said.

“Once and for all” sure sounds ominous.

Meanwhile, according to Eric Trump donations are pouring in following the New York City jury’s decision.

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