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White House Comments On Videos

Greetings! Recent news has brought to light several disconcerting videos suggesting President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities may be in decline as he prepares for a potential re-election campaign. These concerns were further heightened when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre seemed to avoid these concerns during a recent press briefing claiming that the videos of Biden lost in the sauce are merely “cheap fakes.”

During a recent exchange with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Biden behaved in a manner that left many observers puzzled. In response to press questions, Biden began making unusual noises before bursting into a fit of laughter that was hard to understand. It was strange and if Biden was joking it was incredibly immature. Even if Joe was mocking the press his behavior was completely unacceptable.

Reporters were heard asking if Biden was ‘worried’ about something. While the word “worried” is discernible in his response, the rest of his words were unclear. This episode offers no positive interpretation. It seems as though he was dismissive of the press and their questions, further showing his contempt for the media (who still put out his nonsense).

This recent incident brings to mind previous instances of Biden’s less-than-satisfactory interactions with the press. Despite the administration’s proclamations of openness, Biden often seems to avoid addressing the press and has even belittled them in front of foreign dignitaries.

There has been widespread criticism on social media regarding Biden’s perceived disdain towards the press. Which was even further displayed during the G7 summit when he claimed during a press conference the media “wasn’t playing” by the rules.

Biden’s remarks during the NATO meeting were far from reassuring. His notes about NATO were delivered from cue cards, his speech had a stutter, and his words were slurred, all of which further raise concerns about his cognitive well-being.


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