Cuomo Will Testify Before Committee

This could be a massive problem for the left…Look whose coming to testify.

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Why would this be a problem?

He was politically attacked from the left and was forced to resign.

Now, he’s willingly going to meet with Republicans?

Reportedly, the hearing will have something to do with his decisions regarding nursing homes that many blue states enacted; however, in New York, the results were horrific.

Governor Cuomo’s directive, issued on March 25, 2020, barred nursing homes from refusing to admit or readmit residents solely based on a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 diagnosis. This controversial move raised immediate concerns about the safety of the elderly and vulnerable populations in these homes.

Fast-forward to now, and Cuomo is set to give a closed-door interview with the House select subcommittee investigating the pandemic. Subcommittee Chair Brad Wenstrup, a physician from Ohio, expressed his determination to get to the bottom of this decision. “We want to uncover the circumstances that led to this,” Wenstrup said. There has to be some kind of process where this was written up and he signed it. And we want to make sure that something like this is never repeated.”

The big question is: Who advised Cuomo on this policy?

A 2022 report from the New York State comptroller revealed that Cuomo’s Health Department significantly underreported COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. At times, the number of deaths was understated by as much as 50%. This lack of transparency compounded the tragedy, leaving many families in the dark about the true impact of the virus on their loved ones.

It’s unlikely that Cuomo will face serious consequences from this testimony, despite the embarrassment it might bring. His political career had already been derailed and the guy has nothing to lose which is why Democrats may be sweating.

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