Lara Trump Comments On Supporter During CNN Interview

Lara Trump, co-chair of the Republican National Committee, recently shared her thoughts on the recent guilty verdict for former President Donald Trump in his hush money trial. During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Lara Trump urged Trump supporters not to panic and instead focus on making their voices heard at the ballot box come November 5. She emphasized the importance of remaining calm and using the power of the vote to speak out against what she described as an action more fitting for the communist USSR than the United States of America.

According to Lara Trump, the recent verdict has actually resulted in a boost in support for Donald Trump. She mentioned that the campaign has experienced a rise in poll numbers by roughly six points since the conviction. Additionally, she noted that 30% of the small-dollar donors who have contributed to Trump’s campaign are first-time donors.

“What matters to people right now isn’t Donald Trump in downtown Manhattan in a case that everybody can see was weighed against him, that never should have seen the light of day. They care about their lives,” she said. “They care about the fact that they can’t make ends meet right now, that it’s harder to put food on the table for their families, that they can’t fill their gas tank up in the same way that they’re worried about the future of the world because we have a war in Europe, we have a war in the Middle East. They want to get back to the days when they felt safe and secure as Americans with their economy and with the rest of the world.”

Lara Trump also pointed out that the American people are more concerned with issues that directly impact their lives, such as the economy, gas prices, and the ongoing conflicts in Europe and the Middle East. She believes that people want to return to a time when they felt secure and safe as Americans.

Lara Trump remains confident in the support for Donald Trump, predicting that he will be re-elected as the 47th president. She encouraged supporters to stay engaged and make their voices heard through the democratic process, as opposed to taking any other form of action.

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