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Young Musician Who Left Philadelphia To Avoid Violent Crime Gets Shot Upon Returning For a Funeral

One young man made the decision to get out of Philadelphia and move to Las Vegas in order to try and escape the escalating and rampant violent crime plaguing the city, but unfortunately, he was shot and killed this past Saturday in the wake of coming back to the city to attend a funeral for one of his friends.

The victim, 26-year-old Diniar Camp, was shot and killed just before 12:30 a.m. at the crossing of berks and 19th streets. He had come back to the city of Philadelphia in order to honor the life of one of his late friends Joelill Foy. Also 26 years of age, Foy was one of the founding members of the music group Brotherly Love and had been shot and killed just outside of his personal residence located on the 1800 block of Sigel Street just two weeks prior.

“Stop the violence!” exclaimed Kathi Camp, Camp’s mother, to gathered reporters. While clearly grieving, she also made the claim that her son had been targeted intentionally, but refrained from giving any further details as to why she would think that. “They targeted him and it’s not fair because he would have loved you. He would have gave his heart to you.”

“My son was not a street person. He was loved by very many people,” the distraught mother went on. “He was into music and dedicated his life to helping people, and talking to people and making them smile.”

Camp made the move to Las Vegas partly to try and continue a possible career in music, stated Geraldine Camp, the victim’s aunt, to WPVI the local ABC News affiliate. “He went away to pursue his music career. He only came here to bury his friend and now he’s leaving on a toe tag,” she explained. “I wish he never would have ever even came here.”

“He went away to get his singing career. You know he got married. He wants kids. Y’all took all of that away from us. Y’all hit my family hard when you did this,” stated Geraldine camp.

Camp left behind his 22-year-old wife, Arryanna, who stated to reporters that she was still entirely in shock. “What happened to him is just really sad. I just can’t even imagine this happening to anybody, but for it to happen to me, I’m only 22, he was only 26.”

As stated by local law enforcement, Marcus Whitehead, a known violent repeated offender, is being sought out in connection with this murder.

In reaction to this ordeal, many of Camp’s family have stated their intent to reporters to leave Philadelphia entirely.

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