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You Know Things Are About To Get Ugly When The White House Says This – WATCH

White House dodges questions on potential delay of Israeli ground invasion as Hamas attacks continue. In the aftermath of a recent series of attacks launched by the militant group Hamas, tensions between Israel and Palestine have escalated to new heights. Amidst reports that the White House may be asking Israel to postpone a planned ground invasion in hopes of securing the release of more hostages, questions have arisen about the international community’s role in preventing further violence.

On Monday, the White House further sidestepped questions regarding the potential delay of Israel’s expected ground invasion. National security spokesperson John Kirby responded to inquiries by stating that it would be inappropriate for the U.S. to dictate Israel’s military operations in Gaza. He emphasized that it is Israel’s right and responsibility to defend itself against terrorist attacks and that the Biden administration will continue to provide support in terms of necessary capabilities.

Moreover, Kirby stressed that the U.S. has been in constant communication with Israel since the Hamas attacks began, seeking to understand their intentions, strategies, and aims. He also stated that the military option is always a last resort and that the U.S. has raised concerns about the potential unintended consequences of a ground invasion with their Israeli counterparts.

While Kirby did not explicitly confirm or deny reports that the White House is encouraging Israel to delay its invasion, he stated that providing humanitarian assistance is a top priority. He noted that, despite the assertion from Israeli officials that they are providing aid to Gaza, less than three dozen trucks have been able to deliver much-needed supplies to the area over the weekend. This is a concerning issue, as officials in Gaza have warned that supplies of fuel, water, food, and medical resources are running dangerously low.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken also addressed questions about a potential delay of the ground invasion on Sunday, dodging the question and stating that the U.S. remains in communication with Israelis and Palestinians to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. This comes after President Biden visited Israel last week and deflected a question on the matter, stating that he is “talking to the Israelis.”

The potential for a ground invasion has been looming for days, with Israel Defense Minister Yoav Gallant instructing troops to prepare to enter Gaza “from the inside” on Thursday. While no timetable has been given for such an operation, the Israeli military has indicated that it remains an option.

In the midst of ongoing attacks and escalating tensions, the international community is closely monitoring the situation in hopes of preventing further violence. The White House has reiterated the importance of providing aid to Gaza and seeking a peaceful resolution, rather than immediately resorting to a ground invasion. The fate of hostages held by Hamas is also a critical factor in the decision-making process, with several American hostages still unaccounted for. As the situation continues to unfold, the world awaits with bated breath to see what steps will be taken to achieve a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine.

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