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Whoopi Goldberg Goes Off On Insane Rant About Twitter And Censorship

During the Monday morning edition of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg once again devolved into an insane rant about Elon Musk in which she vowed to quit the platform due to Musk refusing to continue pushing heavy censorship onto those she did not think should be allowed to have a voice on the platform of the social media titan.

Goldberg was joined by her co-hosts as she spoke out on the ABC midday talk show to speak about the current state of Twitter after just a week of being owned by Elon Musk — coming to the conclusion that she needed to complain that the very same free speech protections she frequently uses and enjoys should not be allowed to anyone who held a differing view than she does.


“It has been a little over a week since Elon Musk took over Twitter, and the place is a — it’s a mess,” stated Goldberg, expressing that Musk had started to rehire a few of the workers that he had fired last week.

“He’s putting his $8 charge for blue-check verification on hold. First it was going to be $20, now it’s going to be $8. He also suspended Kathy Griffin for impersonating him on a parody account,” complained Goldberg, despite the clear fact that Griffin had altered the photo and name of her official, verified account — which had not been registered as a parody account– to Elon Musk himself before getting slammed with the ban hammer.

“I’m getting off, I’m getting off today,” exclaimed Goldberg, issuing the complaint that “certain kinds of attitudes” that had previously been censored and silenced were not being allowed back onto the platform.

Ana Navarro, one of Goldberg’s co-hosts, trudged along behind Goldberg by calling on the federal government to step in and police social media standards while forcing the various platforms to “combat misinformation” and highlight various details about how they could “amplify divisive comments.”


yet another co-host, Sunny Hostin, made reference to the platform as a “hellscape,” whining without evidence that the platform was just no longer able to be used to try and connect people with what she called solid resources and valuable information. She sounded the call for Democrats to push back against Section 230 in order to allow Twitter, and subsequently Musk, to be held entirely liable for anything that anyone stated while using the platform.

“They keep saying that it’s free speech,” chimed back Goldberg, going further, “And some speech is not — all — all speech is not free speech! Some speech is not okay free speech! So everybody has to agree on that, but if people keep saying, ‘Well, you’re hurting my free speech,’ it’s going to be a problem. But you know what? This is going to be — this is our problem. But it ain’t my problem today, because I’m out.”


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