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While France Burns Macron Went To A Concert

The violent protests engulfing France have been met with a critical response after President Emmanuel Macron spent Thursday night at an Elton John concert.

The President was criticized by opposition minister Thierry Mariani of the National Rally Party for attending the concert whileFrance was on fire. According to Fox News, Mariani quoted the book of Ecclesiastes from the Old Testament,Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child.

Video of Macron dancing toSaturday Nights Alright For Fighting at the concert was widely shared on social media. Elton Johns husband, David Furnish, posted a picture of the event, but the post was quickly hit with angry comments from people accusing Macron of beingtotally irresponsible andbelow everything. A third commenter even accused him of enjoying Elton Johns showat the same time a child was killed by police under his government.

The protests began after a police officer shot and killed Nahel M., a teenager, on Tuesday. According to NDTV, Nahel M. was being pulled over for driving in the bus lane during a traffic jam but tried to drive away from the officer after refusing to provide a license. The officer feared the teenager would injure others if he started a car chase, leading him to shoot Nahel M. in the arm and chest.

After Thursday nights concert, France has been engulfed by protests for five consecutive nights. Hundreds of police officers have been deployed to try and contain the situation, with some protesters even being spotted with beltfed machine guns.

To show solidarity with the deceased, hundreds of Muslims in France held a procession in his honor. The Associated Press reported that President Macron has canceled his trip to Germany due to the state of the country.

It remains to be seen how Macron will respond to the publics criticism of attending the Elton John concert. The protests have been numerous and volatile, with Macron now forced to confront a situation that has been brewing for months.

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