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When Asked About Cocainegate, Watch What Biden Does

On Tuesday, amid the shocking discovery of cocaine found in the West Wing of the White House, President Joe Biden and the first lady, Jill Biden, made remarks to the National Education Association‘s Representative Assembly. The major security breach that authorities are now investigating left some White House personnel with the task of searching for who left the drugs behind and forced the entire complex to be evacuated.

President Biden was pressed on a number of issues, including two major points of conversation. The first was about arming teachers, to which he quickly responded:Arming teachers is not the answer. As always, the president along with the first lady have taken their stance that guns should not pervade America‘s hallways and classrooms.

The second issue of conversation was about Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal journalist who has been held captive by Russia since 2019. Reporters asked the president whether he was working on any deal with the Kremlin for the journalist‘s release. He declined to answer.

Hours before his speech on Tuesday morning, the President issued a statement condemning the wave of shootings plaguing American cities in the leadup to the Fourth of July holiday. He focused particularly on the oneyear anniversary of the Highland Park, Illinois shooting, which also involved an AR15 rifle.

The president issued a call to arms for other states to follow Illinois example, and put in more expansive gun control laws to protect the safety of the American citizens.

It is within our power to once again ban assault weapons and highcapacity magazines, to require safe storage of guns, to end gun manufacturers immunity from liability, and to enact universal background checks,” Biden said.”I urge other states to follow Illinois lead, and continue to call upon Republican lawmakers in Congress to come to the table on meaningful, commonsense reforms that the American people support.”

Biden has been an advocate of gun control since taking office in January. His overall goal is to reduce the number of gunrelated deaths in America and make sure people are safe.

As for the security breach at the White House, the Secret Service is doing its best to investigate and find the person responsible for leaving the cocaine hidden away. Though Biden didn‘t address any of the issues directly, his overall sentiment was clear for citizens of the United States.

America needs to come to the table with meaningful reforms and pass gun control laws that will serve to protect the people of the nation.

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