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WATCH:Lauren Boebert Explodes On Sean Hannity Over Questions About Recent House Speaker Vote

As part of a recent Wednesday evening interview, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) went off on Fox News host Sean Hannity in the wake of Hannity asking the Congresswoman about her stance on the bid from Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for the House Speaker position.

“We are hearing from many people who are still voting with Kevin McCarthy who are very supportive of what we’re doing and they’re cheering us on,” she stated. “So, there are more for us than are against us.”

The group standing against the bid from McCarthy for sports a roster of 20 members, while the group standing in support of McCarthy’s ascension to the leadership role sits at 200 members.

“You don’t have the votes and it’s time to withdraw. He has 203. Your side has 20,” expressed Hannity. “Why is it time for him to withdraw and not you when he has so many more votes?”

“Well, Sean, he needs 218 and he does not have 218,” fired back Boebert. “We’ve been trying to work this out.”

“Neither do you,” stated Hannity.

Hannity repeatedly questioned just how the opposition to McCarthy planned on securing more than 20 votes through then long 10-minute interview.

“Let’s have a final answer. Who do you want?” questioned Hannity. “Who will you only support to be speaker? It’s not that hard.”

Boebert chose to dodge around the answer to the question, but stated that the candidate “doesn’t even have to be a solid conservative.”

“You can believe your position, but I’m using your words. You said to President Trump, you said — ‘we’re very clear he doesn’t have 218. So you need to ask him to withdraw,'” stated Hannity later. “If by Friday, you and your group of 20 don’t have a name with 30 votes, is it time for you to withdraw? And if not, why do you support a double standard?”

Boebert once again conspicuously dodged the question.

“Kevin McCarthy doesn’t have 218 votes,” she chanted like a mantra. “Kevin McCarthy will not be speaker.”

This argument continued to bounce back and forth throughout the entirety of the long 10-minute interview between the pair.

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