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WATCH: Biden Yells Warning At Cancer Survivors To Step Away From Balcony

This past Monday, President Joe Biden made sure to stop a recent speech to warn cancer survivors to not leap from the balcony as he issues his remarks to kick off his Cancer Moonshot initiative.

The statements from Biden, which were issued in person in Boston, took place on the 60th anniversary of the famous Moonshot speech being given by former President John F. Kennedy — in which he made the commitment that the United States would reach the moon: “This country of the United States was not built by those who waited and rested and wished to look behind them … We set sail on this new ocean because there is new knowledge to be gained … and used for the progress of all people.”

As part of his statements at the JFK Presidential Library, Biden explained his quite ambitious plan to drop the death rate of cancer for the United States in half over the course of the next 25 years.


“I want to thank all of you, the cancer patients, survivors, caregivers — and don’t jump from up there, okay?” stated Biden, making a motion with his hand towards the balcony as he spoke.

This kind of thing has happened with Old Uncle Joe in the past, seemingly inexplicably warning someone who has given zero indication that they intend to jump from wherever his attention is currently focused.

“Don’t jump!” he exclaimed, seemingly at the photographers that were on a raised platform next to him, while posing for a picture with the American Olympic and Paralympic athletes.


Biden made use of this same joke again this past March as part of a visit with the American soldiers stationed just outside of Ukraine earlier this year, telling the servicemen of the famed Army 82nd Airborne Division — who are trained in the carrying out of various airborne assault operations– to not jump.

“You are the finest fighting force in the world and that’s not hyperbole,” stated Biden to the gathered soldiers as he sat with them to eat. “Don’t stop eating because of me.”

“Don’t jump. You guys are used to jumping. Don’t jump. Anyway, thanks for letting me come to say hello to you all,” he said just a bit later, before swapping over toa  more serious topic and adding, “You know, we’re a unique country in many ways. And we are the only country, the only country in the world not organized based on geography, ethnicity, raced or anything else. We’re based on idea. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all women and men are created equal. Sounds corny, it’s the truth of who we are.”


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