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VP Harris Found Funneling Money To Central America Trying To Deal With Border Crisis

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, has recently been assisting companies in setting up direct investments outside of the United States and directly into the economies of some Central American countries in a plot that the Biden administration seems to claim will drop the record levels of illegal immigration.

Harris, who currently works as the border czar for the Biden administration, has frequently made the argument that the ongoing federal approach to dealing with border security should focus on dealing with economic instability, climate change, and other “root causes” that have reportedly led to increased illegal immigration. She has managed to galvanize a combined $4.2 billion in “private sector commitments to create economic opportunity in northern Central America,” as reported in a fact sheet issued by the White House.

The Central America Forward framework created by the federal government has created a new Northern Central America Investment Facilitation Team that will “support clean energy infrastructure development, facilitate private sector operations, and promote sustainable economic development in the region.” USAID is also planning to sponsor workforce development programs, while the newly formed Central America Service Corps is expected to reach out to young people throughout El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras with “paid community service opportunities.”

Central America Forward seeks to offer up over a million jobs throughout the region, as well as heighten access to the financial system, facilitate $500 million in infrastructure deals, and create a $75 million debt fund for small businesses. Federation for American Immigration Reform Head of Government Relations RJ Hauman explained via a release that “none of these investments serve as a deterrent for illegal immigration to the United States.”

“If the Biden administration wanted to truly end the crisis, they should start from the ground up at relevant agencies, not in corporate boardrooms,” he went on. “Sign asylum cooperative agreements, reform our asylum system, empower officers to enforce federal immigration law, and send the message to economic migrants and human smugglers that asylum fraud is not a pathway to get into the United States.”

As many as 5.5 million migrants have ended up flooding into the United States as a result of the leadership of the Biden administration, as reported by data sets released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Close to 13 both known and suspected terrorists have moved across the border throughout the fiscal year 2022, with migrant deaths pushing past 856 for the fiscal year 2022, cementing itself as the deadliest period on record. Vocal critics of Biden and his administration’s immigration policies have claimed that the entirely lackluster focus on securing the border and increased resources for migrants who make it into the country has only made the situation surrounding the illegal immigration crisis much worse.


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