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Viral Guy Fieri Photo Sparks Backlash On The Left

President Donald Trump’s “friendship” with chef Guy Fieri has incited a massive backlash online, with calls for a boycott of Fieri’s restaurants and products. The latest presidential photo to cause outrage depicts Trump and Fieri having a conversation at an outdoor restaurant.

Anthony Bourdain’s disapproval of Fieri is no secret and has been cited as the reasoning behind the boycott by some social media users. Although some have expressed their support for Fieri and his accomplishments, others have dug up past connections with Fieri in an effort to call out and criticize him.

In response to the viral photo, one Twitter user wrote, “Anthony Bourdain couldn’t stand Guy Fieri. Now y’all know why.” Others have expressed disappointment in Fieri, arguing that his support for Trump should mean he shuns the former president from his business.

However, Fieri has demonstrated that he is much more than a “cheerful celebrity chef”—as some have characterized him—and has used his platform to unselfishly give back to communities in need.

Fieri recently raised over $25 million with the National Restaurant Association Education Fund to support those in the restaurant industry who have been hit hard by the pandemic. He also held a livestreamed event, Guy’s Restaurant Reboot, on June 12, providing $300,000 in grants to individuals and restaurants in need.

Fieri has used his clout to do a great deal of good, something Anthony Bourdain was not noted to do. Additionally, Fieri traveled to Chico, California to celebrate firefighters and residents who worked to contain a devastating wildfire.

Despite all the good Fieri has done for those less fortunate, calls for a boycott of his businesses persist. Some have gone as far as to criticize Fieri’s friendship with notable conservative artists including Kid Rock, claiming these connections should prevent Fieri from speaking with Trump.

The debate has been quite charged, with most people remaining passionate on their respective sides of the issue. Although many have used the discussion to call Fieri names, it’s important to remember the chef is much more than what you may have heard about him second-hand. Fieri is a philanthropist who works tirelessly to give back and provide resources to those who need them.

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