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Trump Jr. Brings In Surprising Guest At Lincoln Day Dinner

Mayor Terry Conaway, of East Palestine, Ohio, took to the stage at a campaign rally for former President Donald Trump, endorsing the former President for the 2024 Presidential Election. Mayor Conaway went on to slam President Joe Biden for his lack of presence in East Palestine following the February 3 train derailment disaster.

Mayor Conaway was introduced to the stage by Donald Trump Jr., where he went on to express his gratitude for President Trump‘s visit to East Palestine following the train derailment. President Trump‘s visit to East Palestine “really changed the way people saw us the town,” said Mayor Conaway. The train derailment resulted in the evacuation of nearly half of the town‘s population, as well as the ignition of five train cars in an attempt to get rid of hazardous materials, which created a plume of thick smoke resembling a mushroom cloud.

“They realized that we needed help,” stated the mayor. “We’ve been asking for help, and we had the EPA there and other agencies, but we truly got help after [Trump] visited, so we thank you. Without you, this could have been different, so we thank you.”

“The support you showed to me and my residents, we appreciate it, you have no idea how much we appreciated that — it really changed things,” he went on.

“And that’s why, in 2024, I will support your father’s reelection,” concluded the mayor.

Since the disaster, President Biden has yet to set foot in the town. Instead, Biden has been traveling abroad, with his most recent trips being to Ukraine and Ireland. 

President Trump, however, has been vocal about his support for East Palestine. Not only did he visit the town following the derailment, but he also provided truckloads of bottled water for the town‘s residents. 

The endorsement of Donald Trump by Mayor Conaway serves as yet another reminder of the former President‘s unwavering commitment to the citizens of East Palestine, Ohio in the wake of a disaster. It is clear that Trump has gained the trust of the people of East Palestine, and it will be interesting to see if his support will be enough to sway the votes come 2024.


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