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Trump Issues Odd Threat Against Those Who Have Worked For DeSantis

Reportedly, former President Donald Trump is going to start blacklisting anyone who has ever worked for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in what seems to be an effort to put a stop to any possibility that the governor could make a bid for the presidency.

This blacklist, which first came to the public eye due to a report from right-of-center publication RealClearPolitics, is expected to extend to anyone that has worked on a tour trying to promote the new #1 bestselling book written by the governor “The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival” or anyone that is working towards a possible presidential campaign for the governor.

“It’s a time for choosing,” explained one source, known to be near Trump, to the outlet. “If you work for Ron DeSantis’ presidential race, you will not work for the Trump campaign or in the Trump White House.”

If Trump does end up securing another stint in the White House, he would have quite a large amount of power over the entire national Republican Party and could attempt to carry out the enforcement of this blacklist even at that level.

One high-profile conservative grassroots organizer, that spoke only on the condition of total anonymity, issued a warning against this “loyalty test” from Trump, stating, “It’s the American people who will ultimately decide who is the next president and many grassroots see through these desperate pleas for allegiance and instead wish there was a substantive debate about the future of our great country.”

The report also pointed out a former senior administration official who stated, “I don’t think, just knowing him, that it’s a serious assertion.”

“This is just being done now to try to kill the momentum that DeSantis has – this doesn’t jive with his past behavior,” the official went on to add.

The news comes in the wake of Trump’s choosing to attack DeSantis during a campaign rally held in Texas over the weekend.

A lengthy clip posted by Mediaite showed the former president’s attacks not resonating with the gathered crowd, who ended up falling silent in response. “Compared to how Trump’s crowd normally reacts to his bits, the reaction to his mocking DeSantis was practically dead air,” explained the report.

Trump went after DeSantis for how he handled the pandemic, claiming that DeSnait was “not good” when it comes to crime, and attempting to childishly mock the man with nicknames. These attacks from Trump come just as Fox News analysis was post this past week in which it was found that Trump goes after DeSantis more than he does Old Uncle Joe by a factor of four.


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