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Trump Attacks Force Georgia DA Response

Fani Willis, Georgia’s Fulton County District Attorney, has seemingly chosen to shrug off a series of accusations issued by former President Donald Trump.

Most well-known for investigating Trump when it comes to his connections for the 2020 election, the prosecutor explained to WSB-TV, a local news outlet, that she does not currently have “any comment on what his opinions are of my investigation.”

As part of a recent speech issued from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida early last week, in the wake of issuing a plea of not guilty to a series of felony counts of falsifying business records within an entirely separate case in New York, Trump openly chastised the prosecutors that have been investigating him — which included Willis.

“In the wings, they’ve got a local racist Democrat district attorney in Atlanta who is doing everything in her power to indict me over an absolutely perfect phone call,” stated Trump.

Willis, who is black, expressed that the “comment does not concern me at all.”

“It’s ridiculous in nature, but I support his right to be protected by the First Amendment and say what he likes,” she went on.

Willis kicked things off with her investigation right after a phone call recording came to light in which Trump attempted to order a high-ranking Georgia state official to “find” another 11,780 votes, the amount needed to reverse his loss of the state to now-President Joe Biden, making the argument that there had been widespread voter fraud.

Though the prosecutor remains tightlipped about the next steps, she may soon make use of a special grand jury’s findings as a chance to go after charges by impaneling a separate, regular grand jury.

“People have that right to say whatever they choose to say as long as it does not rise to the level of threats against myself, against my staff, or against my family,” explained Willis.

Trump’s legal team made a motion last month to put a stop to the report from the special grand jury. A judge then ordered Willis to issue a response by the 1st of May.

Although any recommendations made that any specific people be indicted remain entirely under seal, Emily Kohrs, the leader of the Atlanta-based special grand jury, offered up in a number of interviews how the report recommends multiple indictments.

Trump who is currently working on another campaign for the White House, was of the view that the prosecutors who are investigating him are being motivated politically.

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