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Three Words Explain How Biden Is Planning To Ban Items In Your Home

Cori Bush, a Democrat representing Missouris 1st congressional district, recently defended the Biden Energy Departments proposed guidance on cooking appliance efficiency regulations, assuring Americans that it wasn‘t part of a larger plan to ban gas stoves nationwide.

Bush claimed she was pushing the regulations to protect her constituents from theunknown dangers of using gas stoves.

I can only imagine the number of my constituents who are unknowingly being poisoned by their gas stove, she said.

The controversy began when Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka, a Biden appointee, said banning gas stoves wason the table. Trumka went on to state that productsthat cant be made safe can be banned.

Trumkas claims were followed by a December study that linked 13 percent of U.S. Childhood asthma cases to cooking with gas stoves. This study was conducted by the Rocky Mountain Institute, a nonprofit that has partnered with the Chinese government to promote a shift away from gas and oil.

In response to the rising controversy, the White House issued a statement saying that President Bidendoes not support banning gas stoves.”

However, this hasn‘t stopped many local governments from trying to implement similar bans. Many conservative critics and media outlets have hammered this debate, citing it as an attempt to push a liberal agenda.

Even though the proposed regulation by the Biden Energy Department is less extreme than banning gas stoves, it would still significantly impact the market.

The regulations would prohibit half of American gas stoves currently on the market from being sold. While some proponents of the regulations claim it‘s necessary to prevent emissions, many critics have pointed out that it disqualifies some gas stoves that meet current efficiency standards.

As the debate continues to gain more media attention, the Biden administration will likely face increasing pressure to provide more clarity on their plans. Until then, many Americans are left uncertain of what changes, if any, they will see in their kitchens.

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