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Thousands Invade The Congress, Supreme Court, Presidential Office Of Brazil

A massive multiple thousands-strong group of supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, the former president of Brazil, chose to invade both the presidential offices and the Congress of the nation this past Sunday as they wildly protested what they labeled as a stolen election.

This recent security breach happened in the wake of Bolsonaro repeatedly attacking the integrity of the recent presidential elections of the country, in which Bolsonaro ended up losing to left-wing Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Lula was officially inaugurated this past week.

The demonstrators pushed through established security barriers, scaled the buildings to their roofs, and carried out various acts of vandalism against the buildings, as reported by the Associated Press.

Bolsonaro, who has recently been staying in Florida over the past few weeks, has not issued any comments condemning the incident.

“This absurd attempt to impose their will by force will not prevail,” stated Justice Minister Flavio Dino explained via his social media accounts. “The government of the Federal District has ensured there will be reinforcements. And the forces at our disposal are at work.”

Rodrigo Pacheco, the Senate President of Brazil, stated via Twitter that officials in Brazil are heavily focused on utilizing the full extent of the law to make sure the event comes back under control.

Pacheco stated in his posts, “I vehemently repudiate these anti-democratic acts, which must urgently undergo the rigor of the law.”

Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State of the United States, explained via a tweet on Sunday, “We condemn the attacks on Brazil’s Presidency, Congress, and Supreme Court today. Using violence to attack democratic institutions is always unacceptable. We join @lulaoficial in urging an immediate end to these actions.”

Bolsonaro, who is currently reportedly being slammed with far-reaching investigations since he ended up having his immunity from prosecution revoked due to the fact that he is no longer the president of the country, has issued the claim that the official results of the recent election were entirely and unequivocally fraudulent.

The insane events of this past Sunday will most likely only result in longstanding benefits for the leftist part along with the newly established Lula Administration because they will be able to utilize it to justify parts of its agenda that they are attempting to push, political analysts stated online.



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