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Tennessee State Legislator In Hot Water Over ‘Vortex Of Evil’ Social Media Posts

Matt Walsh, as associated with The Daily Wire, called out one Democratic Tennessee state legislator this past Monday over a tweet that was suggesting that he and a number of other conservatives for building a “vortex of evil” inside the Volunteer State.

Democratic State Rep. Gloria Johnson included Walsh and a bevy of his colleagues in a list complaining Tennessee becoming a focal point for leaders within the conservative movement.

“If I am hearing this right, the following people now live in TN, please correct me if I’m wrong,” expressed Johnson via social media this past Monday evening. “Betsy DeVos, Rebekah Mercer, Roger Stone, Tomi Lahren, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Candace Owens…who am I leaving out? It seems we are a testing ground for the vortex of evil.”

Walsh quickly fired back with a bit of venom and a reference to a piece of recent legislation that would seek the banning of all sex-change treatments on minors that is making its way through the Republican-led state legislature of Tennessee over the opposition of Democrats.

“Hi Gloria. I’m sorry that you won’t be able to castrate and sterilize children anymore. I know how much you enjoyed that. Unfortunately your deranged child-abusing lunacy is no longer welcomed in our state,” he explained in a tweet.

Throughout a number of follow-up posts, Johnson seemed to try and jab back at Walsh, whose film “What is a Woman?” has recently shifted the ongoing public debate about gender ideology. She made reference to another hearing earlier this month in which Walsh clashed with Democratic legislators while testifying in favor of the new law to block so-called gender transition medications and surgeries on minors.

“Oh look, Mr. Litterbox has shown up with his ill informed army of ignorant misfit, misogynist trolls. However will I handle their middle school insults? If he’s sending his best…” she stated in a tweet sprinkled with “clown face” emojis.

“If you are going to claim that your bill to outlaw something a loud minority don’t agree with it, then you probably shouldn’t say it isn’t relevant that the majority of Tennesseans don’t agree with other things they pay for as taxpayers,” exclaimed Johnson in a different post. “You killed your own argument.”

Walsh fired back a response in a later tweet. “Did you run this tweet through some kind of translation software to make the wording as convoluted and clunky as possible?” he questioned. “By the way this person used to be a teacher. No surprise there,” finished Walsh.

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