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Temp House Speaker Tells Takes Pelosi’s Hideaway Office

Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry has wasted no time in making big changes as the newly appointed leader in the House of Representatives. On Tuesday night, McHenry took action and booted former Speaker Nancy Pelosi from her beloved private office in the Capitol building. Pelosi’s office was informed of the decision in an email on Wednesday, and her response has caused quite a stir.

According to sources, McHenry made the decision to reassign Pelosi’s office, known as her “hideaway,” soon after he took over the position from now-former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The email sent to Pelosi’s office, as reviewed by NBC News and Politico stated that the room will be rekeyed and she must vacate the space immediately.

In response to the news, Pelosi released a statement expressing her disappointment and calling the decision a “sharp departure from tradition.” She also pointed out that as Speaker, she had given former Speaker Dennis Hastert a significantly larger office during his time in office, despite his later public admission of child molestation.

Pelosi also revealed that she was not present in Washington to personally clear out her office, as she is currently in California attending the funeral services for Senator Dianne Feinstein. However, this move by McHenry has not left Pelosi completely without an office, as she still has her standard Congressional office in the Longworth House office building.

The image of a staffer removing a television from Pelosi’s office late Tuesday has caused quite a stir on social media. House Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries’ staff also assisted in the clearing out process, according to Fox News Digital sources.

Some have speculated that this action by McHenry was a deliberate and personal attack on Pelosi, as it occurred just hours after she addressed the House and criticized the Republican leadership’s response to important decisions that needed to be made. However, others argue that it is simply a decision based on office space and holds no deeper meaning.

Regardless of the reasoning, this move has caused quite a stir among members of both parties. Pelosi’s statement in response to the news has sparked a debate over the treatment of former Speakers in their retirement and has reignited discussions about the issue of Child Molestation.

It remains to be seen how Pelosi will respond to this eviction from her private office, but one thing is for sure – this move by McHenry has set the tone for his time as Speaker Pro Tempore and has caused a sharp divide among politicians and citizens alike. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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