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Ted Cruz Sounds Shocking Call Regarding Texas Murderer

The entire state of Texas is in shock after Francisco Oropesa, an illegal alien, allegedly murdered five innocent people in the small town of Coldspring.

Sen. Ted Cruz (RTX) on Sunday pushed for the death penalty for Oropesa, who is accused of shooting his neighbors after they asked him to stop shooting his gun because they had a baby sleeping.

Heidi & I are praying for the victims families and for law enforcement to quickly catch this butcher & bring him to justice,” Cruz said.Once caught he must be quickly tried, and if convicted must never see sunlight again. This disgusting act deserves the death penalty, and I hope this illegal alien mass murderer gets it.”

“Joe Biden & Kamala Harris made the deliberate political decision to open our borders & allow SIX MILLION illegal immigrants to cross,” he went on. “This death & carnage is the predictable and tragic result. We must STOP the #BidenBodyBags”

Cruz went on to note that the Biden administration has allowed six million illegal immigrants to cross the border, and that this tragedy is apredictable and tragic result.”

The San Jacinto County Sheriff‘s Office is currently offering a $55,000 reward for information leading to Oropesa‘s arrest, while the FBI has added an additional $25,000 to the reward.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has also announced that the state will add an additional $50,000 to the reward, bringing the total to $130,000.

At a press conference on Sunday, Sheriff Greg Capers said his office hadzero leads on the whereabouts of Oropesa. The FBI later released new photos of Oropesa that appeared to have been taken at three different moments in time.

The sheriff‘s office is asking anyone with information on Oropesa‘s whereabouts to contact them.

The victims of this heinous crime have been identified as Rick and Paula Mitchell, Reagan and Donald Cooley, and their 22yearold daughter, Kayla Cooley.

The family had just moved to the area a few months ago and their church pastor has described them asthe kindest people you‘d ever want to meet.”

The small town of Coldspring is now in mourning as they come to terms with this senseless and tragic act of violence.

This serves as yet another reminder of the dangers of illegal immigration and the need for our government to secure the border and protect American citizens.

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