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Teacher Fired Over Social Media Post

A former first-grade teacher in the Mesquite Independent School District has been fired after causing outrage with her social media posts in which she talks about being a ‘black supremacist’ and racism towards white people.

The teacher, who is yet to be publicly named, posted a series of offensive and racist tweets where she boasted of being a ‘true black supremacist’ and how she would ‘do whatever she could’ to keep her sister from dating a white man, even posting a video suggesting the sister’s boyfriend should be killed.

The posts quickly sparked public outrage leading to Mesquite ISD issuing a statement and to them ultimately terminating the teacher’s employment.

“When we became aware of these alarming social media posts on Monday, July 20, the employee was immediately put on administrative leave pending an investigation,” said a spokesperson for Mesquite ISD.

“ As of Tuesday, July 21st, the employee is no longer employed in the Mesquite Independent School District and will never be able to work here.”

On top of this, the former teacher had reportedly been bragging that her job was safe and telling the district her comments were just ‘a joke’.

The posts have caused shock and disgust amongst the public with many raising concerns over the teacher’s behaviour around her students.

One person responded to the teacher’s comments asking; “What kind of example are you setting for your students by advocating violence towards people of different races and backgrounds?”

Others called for the District to take action, with one tweet saying; “If Mesquite ISD truly values diversity and inclusivity they would take swift action and terminate this employee”

It appears Mesquite ISD took the advice and terminated the teacher’s employment, making it clear in their statement that they do not condone any hate speech or racism.

The public has praised Mesquite ISD for taking a hard stance and terminating the teacher for her inappropriate and hateful posts. The district has not only demonstrated zero tolerance for racism but also upheld its commitment to a diverse and inclusive community.

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