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Suspicion Surrounding U.S. Being Behind Nord Stream Sabotage Spikes Due To Tucker Carlson Statements

This past Tuesday, Tucker Carlson, a host for Fox News, fell in step with a quite suspicious internet chorus by accusing the U.S. of the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines as the deep-sea international mystery has only deepened.

The pair of pipelines, which are owned by the Russians, had a section heavily damaged at the floor of the baltic sea this past Monday, and have been releasing dangerous natural gas up to the surface ever since. The pipelines were created as a means to transport natural gas out of Russia and into Europe and while the pipelines had not been in operation at the time, they still contained the fuel. European experts seem to agree that the damage inflicted on the pipeline was almost certainly done intentionally and not as a result of seismic activity.

“This was an act of industrial terrorism,” exclaimed the Fox News Channel anchor on Tuesday evening, directly before trying to place the blame squarely on the Biden administration.

Despite the fact that the pipeline is not being currently utilized as a result of sanctions imposed by those in the West in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, German protesters had been crying out for the flow of energy to start back up. The disabling of the pipelines would most likely destroy any possibility of Germany dropping its sanctions in time to import energy to prepare for the winter.

Russia officially shut off the massive 760-mile Nord Stream 1 pipeline as a result of the war, while Germany blocked off the parallel Nord Stream 2 from going live just prior to the invasion. Germany has historically relied quite heavily on natural gas reserves from Russia to supply well over half of its gas imports prior to the invasion, and due to current events has been severely crippled without access to it.

Many seem to think that Russia could have been party to the destruction of its own pipeline, possibly in a bid to spike gas prices, exert additional pressure against the western allies of Ukraine, or even to try and throw the blame for the incident against the U.S.

“Gas leak from NS-1 [Nord Stream 1] is nothing more than a terrorist attack planned by Russia and an act of aggression towards the EU. Russia wants to destabilize the economic situation in Europe and cause pre-winter panic,” expressed Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhaylo Podolyakvia a Tuesday social media post.

Roderich Kiesewetter, a German government spokesman, stated via Twitter on Tuesday evening that Moscow was the most likely culprit for the destruction of the pipeline.

“It is likely that Russia is trying in this way, on the one hand, to stir up uncertainty among the European population and, on the other hand, to once again point out at the state level the possibility of an attack on critical infrastructure,” he stated. “Such an act of sabotage would also fit with Russia’s state-terrorism and hybrid approach.”

In a Tuesday statement, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed that the sabotaging of the Nord Stream pipelines served “no one’s interest.” The White House National Security Council expressed that the U.S. would not “speculate on the cause.”

Carlson previously warned that the destruction of any Russian infrastructure by the U.S> would be an intense escalation of the Russian-Ukraine conflict, which has set up Moscow versus the West.

“If we actually blew up the Nord Stream pipelines, why wouldn’t Russia sever undersea internet cables?” Carlson wondered, highlighting that a move of that type could destroy western banking systems. “Have the people behind this, the geniuses like Toria Nuland, considered the effects? Maybe they have. Maybe that was the point.”

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