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Stephanopoulos Fumes When Trump Lawyer Puts Him In His Place

Over the weekend, journalist Jim Trusty engaged in a heated exchange with ABCs George Stephanopoulos after the former Clinton crony tried to downplay Joe Bidens accusation of illegal possession of classified material.

The exchange began when Stephanopoulos asked Trusty if he believes the principle thatno person is above the law before then asking if he also believes that Trump should be charged. Trusty responded that no person isbelow the law and not above it. He then shifted gears and notedwere not talking about Bidens involvement in theDelaware document scandal where a special counsel in Rob Hur is allegedly investigating the matter.

Stephanopoulos interrupted and askedwhat are you talking about, to which Trusty pushed back and said there were “1,850 boxes that have never been fully looked at at the University of Delaware implying Biden had something to do with it.

The ABC journalist scolded Trusty for making what he calleda ridiculous statement, without so much as blinking an eye. Trusty, however, was not about to back down and urged Stephanopoulos to not act like there was “nothing to it.

The former Trump attorney noted thatYou have the ultimate unclean hands of a current sitting president who had no declassification, had none of the protections of President Trump and then alluded to the fact that Joe Biden had to havestolen stuff that wasmarked classified from a skiff.

Clearly taken aback, the ABC anchor asked what kind of evidenceTrusty had to back up his claims to which he responded thatthe whole country knows the basic notion of unequal treatment and fairness and that theres a double standard of justice that comes into play when its a Republican like Donald Trump being prosecuted.

For his part, Stephanopoulos seemed to cross his arms and double down in his defense of the former vice president. While Stephanopoulos conceded thatcertainly what is at issue, he refused to accept the fact that there was any evidence to back up Trustys claim of Bidens wrongdoings.

Stephanopoulos refusal to accept any responsibility for the questionable actions of Joe Biden is a disturbing display, as it implies that his partisan views may have clouded his judgment. With Democrats like him seemingly going to whatever lengths necessary to defend the former vice president, it raises valid questions of a double standard when it comes to justice and equal treatment for all.

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