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Shootout In Los Angeles Angeles Neighborhood Results In Numerous Casualties

A total of three Los Angeles Police Department officers were shot this past Wednesday evening out in the neighborhood of Lincoln Heights, and the currently suspected shooter has been confirmed to be dead.

The injured officers were quickly rushed out to nearby hospitals to receive treatment. Officials went on to state that all officers involved were expected to make a complete recovery after sustaining numerous injuries which were later classified as “non-life-threatening injuries.”

Police officials were able to pin a suspect in a building before the suspect opened fire at police officers. However, the gunfight came to a swift end and the suspect was found dead, as reported by police. It was not quite clear immediately just how the suspect died.

One local affiliate for CBS News explained via an interview on live television that the response issued by local law enforcement was “massive” and ended up amounting to a number fo square blocks worth of emergency vehicles spread out across the surrounding area.

The group of officers were known to be a part of the Metropolitan Division’s K-9 unit.

LAPD was moved to a complete citywide tactical alert throughout the entire ordeal, which meant that area authorities were only responding to calls that were deemed to be life-threatening because of the massive level of resources which were being utilized in the response to the shooting incident.

“I deeply appreciate their service, and let them know that their city stands with them,” explained Mayor Karen Bass as part of a news conference. “And I very much look forward to their recovery. My heart goes out to the officers’ families who tonight got the phone call, or the knock on the door, that they dread every day that their loved ones go on duty.”




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