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Rep. Gatez Has A Point About Miller Lite, Even If You Don’t Agree With Him

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz has sparked controversy after wading into a debate about Miller Lites recent advertisement campaign.

The brewing company recently announced its latest oneminuteand30second advertisement with comedian Ilana Glazer, which was created for Womens History Month in March. The ad was designed to turn old marketing materials including models in bikinis clutching the products into compost, which could then be used to make fertilizer.

However, Gaetz took issue with the companys decision torenounce their infamous ads. On Chris Plantes The Right Squad, he said:I dont think its crazy to say that good looking women in bikinis sell beer. Like, nobody wants to buy beer from Lizzo.

The Republicans comments were quickly rebuked by Democratic political analyst Jason Nichols, who said:I think Lizzo is attractive, but either way Im not buying beer based on somebody in a bikini anyway. Im buying beer based on whether its a good beer. You have never bought a beer based on how a person looks in an ad.

Gaetz responded:I wish that were true.

His comments come after Bud Lights disastrous campaign with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, which saw the companys valuation take a hit. Gaetz suggested that Miller Lite was going down thesame path as Bud Light.

Molson Coors, the owners of Miller Lite, have responded to the controversy by defending their ad campaign. They said that the ad was designed tocelebrate the empowerment of women, and that it was meant to show how the company iscommitted to doing things differently.

The ad has been met with both criticism and praise since its release. While some have praised the company for its attempt tocelebrate the empowerment of women, others have argued that it isinsulting to suggest that women can only be empowered through bikini ads.

It remains to be seen what the longterm impacts of the ad campaign will be. In the meantime, Gaetzs comments have sparked a debate about how companies should be using women in their advertising.

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