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Real Estate Experts Weigh In On Judge Valuation Of Mar-a-Lago

In the latest legal attack on former President Donald Trump, Judge Arthur Engoron has ruled that Trump committed fraud by allegedly inflating the worth of his assets, including his prized Mar-a-Lago property. However, as with any news related to Trump, it seems like the story may not be as clear-cut as it initially appeared.

Real estate experts are now raising questions about the judge’s determination, with some even claiming that he may have underestimated the true worth of Mar-a-Lago. One anonymous Palm Beach real estate broker stated that it would be “utterly delusional” to think that the property is only worth $18 million. In fact, the broker says that if Mar-a-Lago were on the market today, it would easily fetch at least $300 million, considering its prime location and commercial value.

To put this into perspective, nearby properties are listed for much higher amounts, such as a 2-acre wooded lot for $150 million and a 2.3-acre plot for $200 million. Even the former Rush Limbaugh estate, which is smaller than Mar-a-Lago, sold for $155 million earlier this year. With Mar-a-Lago being 20 acres, it stands to reason that its market value would be even higher.

These revelations raise a lot of questions about how Judge Engoron came to his determination. Could it be possible that the judge is intentionally undervaluing the property in order to fit his agenda? Given that he is a Democratic judge, this is a valid concern. Furthermore, if such an important component of the case is based on the judge’s assessment, it begs the question of what else he may have undervalued in the case.

Ultimately, it seems like this is just another attempt to bring Trump down through lawfare. However, despite these attacks, Trump has remained resilient and has even gained ground in the polls. In fact, recent polls show that he now has a lead over current President Joe Biden.

It is worth noting that Forbes appraised Mar-a-Lago at $160 million just five years ago, and with the property market only continuing to rise, it stands to reason that its value would have increased significantly since then. This throws the judge’s determination into even further doubt and raises concerns about the validity of his decision.

In conclusion, it appears that the 48-hour rule of thumb with Trump-related news may have once again proven to be true. It remains to be seen how this ruling will ultimately affect Trump’s legal battles, but it is clear that there are still many unanswered questions and discrepancies surrounding the case. As of now, it seems like Trump will continue to defy all attempts to bring him down and remain a force to be reckoned with in politics.

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