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Rapper Ye West Slammed With $250M Lawsuit By Mother Of George Floyd’s Daughter

Ye West, formerly known as Kanye West, has found himself the target of a massive $250 million lawsuit from the mother of George Floyd’s daughter in the wake of the rapper-turned-fashion mogul’s alleged claims that the death of Floyd back in 2020 was caused by an overdose of Fentanyl, as expressed by her legal team this past Tuesday. West issued the claim in the wake of being invited to view the new documentary about Black Lives Matter made by his friend Candace Owens.

The daughter, Roxie Washington, claimed that she is suing the rapper on behalf of herself and Gianna Floyd,  the daughter she had with Floyd. West, who recently legally changed his name from Kanye, stated during an interview that went public this past Sunday that the 46-year-old Floyd died via an overdose and not due to the actions of Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, who was officially convicted of Floyd’s murder.

“I watched the George Floyd documentary that Candace Owens put out,” explained West as part of the interview. “One of the things that his two roommates said was they want a tall guy like me, and the day that he died, he said a prayer for eight minutes.”

“They hit him with the fentanyl,” West went on to state. “If you look, the guy’s knee wasn’t even on his neck like that,” claimed Ye of Chauvin.

West made reference to “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,” which is a recently released documentary by Candace Owens that went in depth into the events surrounding Floyd’s death, the conviction for Chauvin and the spike in popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement, a protest group that raked in multiple millions of dollars in the wake of the death of Floyd.

The lawsuit will go after West for allegedly making the comments in order “to promote his brands, and increase marketing value and revenue for himself, his business partners and associates,” claimed both the Witherspoon Law Group and Dixon & Dixon Attorneys at Law in a release.

“While one cannot defame the dead, the family of George Floyd is considering suit for Kanye’s false statements about the manner of his death,” explained attorney Lee Merritt as of this past Sunday. “Claiming Floyd died from fentanyl and not the brutality established criminally and civilly undermines and diminishes the Floyd family’s fight.”

The law firm issued a strongly worded cease-and-desist letter to West this past Tuesday, claiming that he has “maliciously made statements that are inaccurate and unfounded, causing damage to Mr. Floyd’s estate and family.”

“George Floyd’s daughter is being re-traumatized by Kanye West’s comments and he’s creating an unsafe and unhealthy environment for her,” expressed Witherspoon in a release.

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