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Queen Hit Song Dropped From Greatest Hits

The left’s mission for ever-increasing control of what we can and cannot consume is evident through the recent censorship of classic rock legend Queen.

Universal Records recently added Queen’s “Greatest Hits” album to the library for the children’s entertainment platform Yoto, but “Fat Bottomed Girls” was noticeably absent. Music industry insiders are perplexed by the decision and one even said that the song is “merely a bit of fun” and “woke gone mad.”

The tune hit #11 on the British charts and #24 on the Billboard Hot 100 when it was released in 1978, and its double-platinum success stateside secured it a place as a classic rock favorite. Guitarist Brian May wrote the song for vocalist Freddie Mercury, and the pair jokingly referred to it as a “tribute to fuller-figured ladies.”

Despite its popularity, Yoto decided against including the tune on its platform. Of course, we have no explanation as to why they left it out, but it is a puzzling decision nonetheless. After all, isn’t the left always preaching about body positivity? It’s hard not to wonder if the current “woke” era’s increasingly oppressive nature extends to a desire to control what can and cannot be enjoyed, even classic rock.

This isn’t the only controversial aspect of the censorship either. Yoto is aimed at a youth audience, but surely it should be up to the parents to decide whether their kids should listen to the song. We conservatives believe that parents ought to have a hand in their kids’ education, and the same principle ought to apply to their entertainment.

The left seems intent on “banning” things that don’t align with its values and ideologies, but it’s worth noting that they’re usually the first ones to speak up about book banning. Why should this classic rock tune be tarred with the same brush?

With this in mind, it’s hard not to wonder what’s going to be next to be scrubbed from the cultural landscape. We mustn’t forget that rock music has always been about pushing back against the status quo, so taking “Fat Bottomed Girls” off the map is detrimental to that tradition. It’s a sad day for Queen fans and classic rock lovers everywhere, but it’s sure to be just the beginning of the woke caving in to its own absurd rules.

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