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Protestors Get Pranked By Youtubers

In an effort to call attention to climate change, protesters have caused much commotion, but two British YouTubers recently poked some fun at the situation. Josh Pieters and Archie Manners infiltrated the radical leftist group Just Stop Oil’s celebratory banquet and brought balloons tied with ear-piercing noise makers and let them float to the top of the hall’s ceiling.

The prank caused much concern among banquet attendees despite their good intentions to raise awareness. “We were there, giving them a taste of their own medicine,” Pieters tweeted.

Just Stop Oil, a radical anti-fossil fuel movement, has caused many disruptions throughout the world in an attempt to highlight the need to take drastic action against climate change. Videos have surfaced showing the group engaging in sit-ins and obstructing roads, often infuriating citizens who are just trying to go about their day. The group has prevented mothers from taking their babies to hospitals and caused people to be late for their jobs.

When asked about the prankster’s efforts, one Just Stop Oil protester spoke of their deep faith in democracy. However, they responded to the situation by stating, “I’m sure they’re probably paid by the Daily Mail and they’ve left us with a very difficult problem to solve.”

Responding to the pranksters’ action, Just Stop Oil tweeted “We thoroughly enjoyed Josh & Archie’s prank yesterday. Great action design — nonviolent and ever so slightly disruptive. Their faith in democracy is touching, but the climate crisis needs urgent action today — we simply don’t have time to wait for a new government. Nonetheless, we wish them luck in their endeavor to bring people together, and hope they know that we are always happy to talk.”

The prank serves as a sobering reminder that, for the moment, the movement of Just Stop Oil remains firmly in place. While climate change is a real and pressing issue, the radical anti-fossil fuel movement has proven to be controversial as their tactics of causing disruption can often be seen as excessive by the general public. Regardless, the organization continues to fight for their cause, despite the efforts of some pranksters.

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