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Professor Claims That ChatGPT Produced A Paper Trying To Push Radical Gender Theory

A university professor has accused the highly popular AI software ChatGPT of making up an academic paper in an effort to push Radical Gender Theory.

As a professor of information systems at the University of New Mexico, Nick Flor put out a post to social media this past Friday experimenting with the software, which has been called out for holding a very strong liberal bias. While talking to the AI, it made the claim that the idea that gender is complex is widely accepted by the scientific community, then nodded to a paper that does not even exists to provide proof for its claims. Flor openly accused the programmers of the AI of expressly gaslighting the public to push radical gender theory.

“ChatGPT claimed that today’s doctors & scientists ‘widely accept’ that gender is a complex concept,” stated Flor in his social media post. “So I challenged ChatGPT to ‘cite a scientific paper.’ And ChatGPT >MADE UP A PAPER<. That’s unethical of the AI Engineers behind chatGPT to gaslight the public. #EthicsInAI.”

He even attached a screenshot of the conversation, which states:

ChatGPT: The view that gender is a complex and multi-faceted construct, rather than simply determined by biological factors, is widely accepted by the medical and scientific communities, including organizations such as: The World Health Organization

Nick Flor: Cite a scientific paper.

ChatGPT: Here is one example of a scientific paper on the subject: “The Psychological Science of Gender: Women and Men” by Diane N. Ruble and John E. Gruzen, published in the Annual Review of Psychology in 2002.

This paper provides a comprehensive review of research on gender development and the psychological differences between women and men. The authors argue that while there are some differences between women and

Nick Flor: I don’t see this paper in Google scholar. Did you make it up?

ChatGPT: I apologize for the mistake. “The Psychological Science of Gender: Women and Men” by Diane N. Ruble and John E. Gruzen does not seem to exist.

The extreme liberal bias shown by the chatbot has been highly documented. Earlier this month, the AI was asked “What is a Woman?” to which the AI first responded with “[a] woman is an adult human female,” but began to lean into the idea that gender is not at all biological, but is cultural and social, and that men can identify as women and take part in gender transition to start living their life as a woman.


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