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Portland Rioter Finally Sentenced For Heinous Crime

One rioter out of Portland who was given probation previously for assaulting a federal contract worker has officially been sentenced to a stint of 12.5 years in jail for the killing of his 3-month-old infant child.

23-year-old Dakota Kurits Means was issued this sentence in the wake of pleading guilty to a single count of first-degree manslaughter and another count of first-degree criminal mistreatment, as reported by Mike Schmidt, the Multnomah County District Attorney.

Having previously been sentenced to time served and slapped with probation after pleading guilty to threatening a federal officer, Means ended up being found responsible for the death of his young infant, Hunter Means, back in April of 2021, just months after he was officially released in January 2021 for his other crime.

Previously, Means had faced second-degree murder charges but ended up only being convicted of manslaughter. The prosecution team stated that Means shook the young baby violently, resulting in the young child slamming his skull against something causing brain trauma.

“The brain injuries were not reversible,” stated Dr. Adebimpe Adewusi, the doctor that gave medical care to the child. “My concern is he subjected the child to acceleration, deceleration forces.” The injuries were likely not caused by Hunter falling down accidentally, explained Adewusi.

Throughout the investigation, Hunter’s mother claimed that Means had treated her “like an animal” and had been “really physically violent” to her. Both Hunter and his brother seemed to also be in the early stages of recovering from rib damage, though no connection with Means was linked in any real way.

In a text which ended up being shown during his trial, the mother sent a text to Means just prior to the man being arrested, telling him not to try and flee.

“You running away make it look like you did something,” she allegedly stated to him via text. “Whatever feelings you have for law enforcement, put them aside for our children.” Means is slated to be sent over the the Oregon Department of Corrections from Multnomah County.

Means originally intimidates a federal contractor while wielding a paintball gun near the Mark O. Hatfield United State Courthouse located in Portland back in August 2020 and spent a total of 60 days behind bars prior to officially being sentenced and ended up being let out on probation.

Throughout the incident he chose to wave around the paintball gun, hurling vulgar language at the contractor and stating that it was “going to be an AR” next time.

“I regret my decision that day,” Means stated at that time. “I take full responsibility for what I have done. … I know it’s not going to happen again.”

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