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Pointed Questions Has White House Dancing Around Answers

This past Wednesday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre outright refused to answer a question about the newly proposed ban on semi-automatic long guns by President Joe Biden, and whether or not it will end up forcing the confiscation of millions of Americans’ guns.

The question comes in the wake of a horrific shooting committed by a transgender shooter in which six people, which included three kids, were murdered at a Christian school in Nashville this week.

“Does the president support not just banning the sale and the manufacture of semi-automatic weapons, but further than that, confiscation?” a reporter asked of Jean-Pierre.

“Let me just be very clear, what we’re talking about, AR-15s, this assault weapons ban, they are weapons of war,” Jean-Pierre claimed.

The AR-15 is the civilian version of the standard issue M-4 rifle that the U.S. Military makes use of and has started to phase out because it is not a strong enough weapon to wage a war.

“As you know, we all know how government works,” she went on. “There’s only so much that he can do. And so now it’s time for Congress to do the work. And he’s happy to sign, once that happens, he’s happy to sign that legislation that says, ‘OK, we’re going to remove assault weapons – we’re going have an assault weapons ban.”

The very same reporter went on to ask Jean-Pierre about Republican legislators who noted that there are currently tens of millions of these rifles sitting in homes all over the U.S., which effectively makes them entirely impossible to issue a ban against.

“That’s unacceptable,” exclaimed Jean-Pierre. “That’s our response. It’s unacceptable that Republicans are saying that there’s nothing that we can do.”

Jean-Pierre made the claim that the reason that no assault weapons ban has already been set in place is not because of Democratic politicians and that “Republicans in Congress need to look in the mirror.”

Democrats maintained control of the Senate, House, and White House during Biden’s first two years in office as well as back under former President Barack Obama, but still they did not garner enough support to force through an assault weapons ban.

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