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Philly Influencer Arrested

Philadelphia social media influencer Dayjia Blackwell, known as “Meatball,” was one of the many individuals who participated in the looting and rioting that took place in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. The chaotic scene erupted in the aftermath of the court decision in the Eddie Irizarry police shooting, and Dayjia Blackwell was at the forefront, cheering on the chaos.

Videos of the looting captured by Blackwell showed her laughing and shouting in excitement as hordes of looters stormed into stores like Apple, Lululemon, and Foot Locker. At one point, she even challenged the police to come after her.

“Tell the police they’re either gonna lock me up tonight, or it’s gonna get lit, it’s gonna be a movie,” Blackwell can be heard saying in one of her videos.

In another video, she can be heard justifying the looting, declaring “this is what happens when we don’t get justice in this city.”

Blackwell’s footage showed a group of looters running out of the Apple store with stolen iPhones and tablets, while she yelled “Free iPhones! Free iPhones!”

But Blackwell’s thrill ride came to an abrupt end when the police were able to track her down through her social media posts. She was hit with eight charges, including six felonies, for her alleged participation in the looting.

The charges against Blackwell include burglary, criminal trespassing, conspiracy, criminal mischief, riot with the intent to commit a felony, criminal use of a communication facility, and two misdemeanors, including receiving stolen property.

As news of her charges spread, Blackwell went from being the one behind the camera to being the one in front of it, in tears, as she posed for her mugshot.

Despite her well-documented and gleeful participation in the looting, Blackwell later claimed on Instagram that she had “no idea what happened” and was “traumatized.”

Unfortunately, Blackwell was not the only one involved in the looting and rioting. Over the course of two nights, a total of 52 people were arrested, and numerous stores were targeted, including a Wells Fargo ATM that was stolen and ripped from its spot.

Many have condemned the use of someone’s death to justify the looting and destruction of property. While the facts of the police shooting are still being investigated, it is clear that the actions of those who participated in looting and rioting were not a justified reaction but rather an attempt to take advantage of a chaotic situation.

Thankfully, it appears that justice will be served for Blackwell and others involved in the looting. With the seriousness of the charges against her, it is likely that Blackwell will face consequences for her actions.

The looting and rioting in Philadelphia serve as a reminder of the escalating violence and disregard for the law that has been enabled by those who justify or even encourage chaos and destruction. It is time for accountability and for cities to address the issue of crime head-on, rather than making excuses for it.

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