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Pentagon’s New UFO Admission Is A Little Creepy

In a groundbreaking admission this week, the Pentagon‘s top UFO investigator confirmed reports of unidentified metallic orbs seen all around the world culminating with NASA‘s firstever public hearing into the phenomenon.

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the Pentagon‘s AllDomain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), told an expert panel convened by the US space agency that the mysterious orbs have been observed by military personnel performing regular surveillance duty.

These baffling sightings have been followed by a flurry of revelations regarding the UFO phenomenon that suggests it has been actively studied for years by the government, often in secrecy.

At the meeting, the AARO director also revealed that the Pentagon has been collaborating with NASA embeds scientists cleared by the military to study classified UAP cases and that the agency was close to deploying dedicated sensors tailored for UAP detection.

The space agency has invited an assorted panel of 16 experts, including physicists, astronauts, and government advisors to review unclassified evidence of UFO encounters and make recommendations on how NASA can contribute to an understanding of the phenomenon.

The panel is a testament to the slow but steady progress of mainstreaming the topic of UFOs which had long been relegated to the fringes of public discourse by officialdom even within the highest echelons of American science and government.

NASA‘s UAP panel has already suggested changes they believe will help end the stigma that surrounds UAP research, most notably increasing the agency‘s active effort to remove it, as well as hunting for any alien artifacts in our very own solar system.

The heightened acceptance of the UFO phenomenon has also led to the suggestion of creating a permanent office within NASA devoted to studying UAPs, as well as expanding the scope of the agency‘s space exploration strategy to specifically seek out signs of extraterrestrial life.

One panel member, astrobiologist David Grinspoon, an advisor to NASA on space exploration, stated it wasplausible to findextraterrestrial artifacts made by an alien civilization in our solar system, and warned NASA to pay attention to any possible clues.

Dr. Kirkpatrick said that roughly 2 to 5 percent of AARO‘s current 800 UAP cases constitutedreal and baffling anomalies.’

The Pentagon‘s aboutface on the UFO phenomenon has led to speculation about what this all could mean for the rest of the world. It remains to be seen whether such cases will soon be analyzed in an even more open forum and if so, just what the conclusions might be.

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